Marriage, Stress And Cortisol – Aging

In my thinking marriage favours men more than women when it comes to health. Compare to men have lower blood pressure and the tendency of becoming alcoholic is lower in men than women. Married men have lower blood pressure when at home verses at work. The way women age too has to do with what is going on at home.

Men worry only about their work while women worry about work, husband and children. This is the root of deep emotional problems for most women. Husbands who engage in a strength training have lower cortisol levels and help out with housework or hire someone to help the wife out.

When husbands help with the housework, their wives had stronger evening recovery. So division of labour within couples / marriage improves your health, relationship and sex life because running  around till the end of the evening will do more damages to the hormones.

When your body makes too much cortisol, you raise your blood sugar; not only that – the elevation of cortisol causes an effect that when your adrenals are producing cortisol the rest of the hormones fall into neglect. What concern me most after extensive research on this, I can see how high cortisol constricts blood flow to the brain.

That affects brain function, decreases emotional intelligence and accelerates related cognitive function. To cut the story short, your memory begins to suck!

The whole point of this is to be aware that high cortisol has a lot of effect on how the marriage works. In order to protect your health, do strength training, sprinting and yoga. Also breathing and meditating .

The bottom line is as a women – you need to protect  yourself; it’s never your husband’s work but your own.

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