Knowledge Is Not Wisdom

Seriously, you can read and acquire lots of knowledge for the ego which is very subtle, it depends on you. I read a lot because I’m always looking for ideas from good authors who have gone through or experienced the challenges that I’m going through. It’s like people who are constantly looking for inspiration, to be inspired, you must have great   intelligence.

Wisdom has nothing to do with knowledge. If you are reading just for the memory then you are going in the wrong direction, that’s what is school system teaches you. If you want to increase your wisdom then you need to accept the challenge.

A friend of mine said he wanted to have a lot of wisdom, I suggested he stop running   away from risk, to embrace the unknown and dedicate to reality. By finding the map to your life you start to gain wisdom.

Our roots to reality is not easy, so is wisdom. In fact you can become very knowledgeable which is harmful and dangerous. Before you start mixing up knowledge with wisdom, you must understand that wisdom comes from dedicating to reality.

Start facing the reality rather than escaping from them. That’s how you gain wisdom.

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