Building Love

The best thing about building love is you dont want to get stuck in others peoples misery , you want t to focus on your own intuition , From my own collection of wisdom building love for people means creating values the more value you create for people , the more love and abundance you are sharing with others .

Listening to what people are asking you , then create value its that simple . Ditch comventional way of doing things it will inhibit your creativity and you will be stuck in the same place for years .

Love yourself – What i mean  is take care of yourself to be productive , people who takes care of themselves are actually building  love that take care of other people . thats what i called Love – — perseverance –== abundance , If you are going around  with your  scarcity needs how can you build love around you ,

Dont complain –  Complain drains . when you complains nobody wants to help you . if you spend your times focusing on the things that are wrong , and thats what yiu express and project to people you know , you dont become a source of growth for people , in fact you are not building  love  . you become a source of destruction for people that draw more destructiveness .


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