What To Do When Disaster Strike

The most important thing i realised in the face of disaster / adversity is to know your fear and know others . Most people level of dealing with pain and adversity is very low  if you constantly facing death you will not be submissive to any obstacles . I sued to think when all my obstacles disappear , resent obstacles , thinking that if only i hadnt done that things will be different . Suddenly it occurs to me that obstacle is the life . How relief that is

Talk to yourself –  People will always say talk to someone but its not my style . Talking to yourself  makes you  more self reliant  it means meditate and sit quetly , let the thought runs and dont be afraid of your thoughts . Most people dont always understand what im saying because its not a question of  understanding , its a transfer  of certain vision .

Its also a questions of a new understanding to deal with the disaster . – its not about forgetting whats going on but to be smart to deal with it .

Ask  yourself a questions –  then you can live with the gray to the answer to your questions as said earlier , its about new habits and discipline to beat the adversity . Its not about you feel bad and you want to feel good . Its better to go through the pain and feel good later

Spend time with people who seek opportunities not the ones that limit it .  Most people will limit  your opportunities to see the good things in whats is happening to you . Dont be repressed because a repress person is always afraid of everything .

Every disaster is an opportunity to grow  not to run away from it .

Hope this article  helps you the way it has help me .




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