Estrogen , Women And Heart Disease

Im always saying women  needs to be nourished in different ways and when women  are suppressed i realised  that a lot of other things will go  wrong like formation of heart disease . Few factors can contribute to women  heart failing ,One of the factor is obesity and given western diet the rate of cardiovascular disease is also rising in women

Women are still less subject to heart t attack than men thou . Naturally stress seems to have something to so with heart  attack , in a recent studies , the period of increasing rates of cardiovascular disease correspond to when women are working outside the home but however it dose not increase the chance of heart disease unless she has unsupported boss or spouse .

Women  tend to develop the symptons of heart disease based on estrogen suppression because stress caused a decline in estrogen levels . Low estrogen affects  the mood , makes you cranky , sex, bones and hot flashes . I also realised this because  i work with a lot of women  and i can see  how the little stress cause decline of their estrogen levels

In the recent studies, the low estrogen levels tend to be connected to cardiovascular disease allthough   the jury is still out there on this one . The whole point is to be aware of the important of estrogen levels in women . I also realised the more structural strength training exercise the less problem you can develop with your heart .

Dont exercise too much – Exercise helps with low estrogen symptons only   if you are lean  women who are over weight  can actually increase their vasomotor symptons . You need to invest in yourself for a great , skilful , knowledgeable  trainer to move you along .

My mission is to help  millions  of women also men to  be healthy through simplicity .

Thanks for reading .



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