Happiness , Breathing, And Postures

The measure of the moral worth of a man is in his happiness – thats what bruce Lee said and i agree with him ,. Happiness to me is how well  im and is not something we pursue and the better we are the more happiness  . Haapiness  is the result of well being . Healthy people tend to be happy .

When we feel anxiety , guilt , or depression which  is a common emotions , it means our conscious is in a state of unhealthy and we must re asses our values or correct it or form a new values .  Deep breathing can help us attain certain level of conscious  which enhance our performance and over all health . Deep breathing alkaline the system and reduce the acid stress factor on your body which can contribute to your level of happiness .

You can also work on your happiness by relating to people that are happy , means people that are healthy with their values and sense of well being .

Posture – this also  play a huge role in our well being , everything affects everything . Posture has a lot to do with our well being . People with bad postures generally dont feel good , the more im aware and correct my posture the better i feel the more happier i become .

Ive beeen experimenting with this a lot and the concept of bio0 energetic with deep breathing correcting my postures has raise my energy level and happiness to another level so keep working on these three things you will notice a huge different in your overall well being .


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