What You Should Know About Giver And A Taker

Im currently reading a fascinating book about giver and taker , I had this idea in my head for a very long time why people like to take , what is the problem behind taker because i generally feel sorry for taker and needy people then i stumble upon this well written book by ADAM GRANT . This is what i found out .

A giver will always succced no matter what obstacles in their way . Being a giver has create many opportunities for me in my life so i know what im talking about , people tends to say im lucky but i said im generous and this book clarify every thing  for me . A giver mindset is very different , they approach things in a different way .

Givers uses their intelligence to amplify the smart and capabilities of other people ,light   balls goes over peoples head , ideas flow , and get solved .  The taker on the other  side come around to promote their own interest , they drain intelligence , energy , and capabilities from others ,. Now you can see how you thrive  with a giver and you drained with a taker .

Givers create a climate where everyone feels they can contribute , people  can learn and innovate more . Takers affect people in a very negative way , they estimate  their own contribution and neglect other . , My point here is make you pay attention  to the people around you , what they are doing to you and also you to them . But generally givers like me win .


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