Happiness Make People Work Harder

You can only fly higher if you are happy doing what you do , it doesnt really matter what it is , most people are not happy at work due to the unhappiness of their  boss or the work enviroments  and according to Seth Godin , people are motivated to work harder when they can be creative , and they can fly high .

Happiness can lead people to experience intense effort and long hours as less unpleasant and more enjoyable .  It can lead people to set more challenging goals and think more quickly , flexibilty , and broadly  about problems .  A  study of some physician show that when physician were put in a happier mood , they made faster and more accurate diagnoses .

Growth mindset people tend to be  happy because they see the future rather than what is in front of them . Happier people earn  more money , get higher performance rating and make better decisions , negotiate  sweeter deals and contribute more to the organisations people around them .

The overall point is happiness make people perform better . so focus on the well being of the around you if you want to move your life and  your company forward .

About Victoria Boer

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