How Sharing Gives You More Energy

One of the basic fundamental  of life is the more you give the more you receive , thats how the universe works and it cannot be change . The more you share the more you overflow . The problems  of sharing comes from the mind because yout mind is always trying to confuse you because  in your confusion is the power of the mind .

When you share  your energy and creativity in a good way , you are overflowing , you feel fulfilled because overflowing is just delight , simple  delight . whenever you  are overflowing  and you shared , you never feel tired infact you feel more energetic and unburdened .

Its like when you share good energy with the person you love , and you love the person , then you want to share your energy  , you dont plan it in your head and its not a rehersal  its simple overflowing and this altitude  will give you more energy because its not mechanical and your mind is not confused .

The more you overflow the more you are given , share as much as you can more will given to you seriously  dont be callculated thats an atitude of ego . even jesus says if you cling you will lose ., if you share youill receive . The more you share , the younger you remain and if you dont share you start leaking and become more miser . A miser is always miserable and in his misery he shrinks .

If you keep on sharing , your whole life becomes  beautiful and full of energy . All this has taken me an awareness to realise and has change my  life .

About Victoria Boer

Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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