How Sharing Gives You More Energy

One of the fundamentals of life is the more you give the more you receive, that’s how the universe works, and it cannot be changed. The more you share the more you overflow. The problems of sharing come from the mind because your mind is always trying to confuse you because in your confusion is the power of the mind.

When you share your energy and creativity in a good way, you are overflowing, you feel fulfilled because overflowing is just delight, simple delight. Whenever you are overflowing and you shared, you never feel tired – in fact you feel more energetic and unburdened.

It’s like when you share good energy with the person you love, and you love the person, then you want to share your energy. You don’t plan it in your head and it’s not a rehearsal, its simple overflowing and this altitude will give you more energy because it’s not mechanical and your mind is not confused.

The more you overflow the more you are given. Share as much as you can and more will give to you. Seriously, don’t be calculated that’s an attitude of ego. Even Jesus said: “If you cling you will lose, if you share, you’ll receive.” The more you share, the younger you remain and if you don’t share you start leaking and become more of a miser. A miser is always miserable, and in his misery he shrinks.

If you keep on sharing, your whole life becomes beautiful and full of energy. All this awareness has made me realise and has changed my life.

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