Label Me – Cunning And Ruthless

Sometimes you cannot   avoid labelling because most people label  themselves  anyway . As im writting these i remember  attending a seminar when a wise women told me that there are three kind of people  to look for – those who know they are out to get you and say so , those who are nice people but due to their ineptitude cannot help themselves  from victimizing you  – who cares . And those who act like nice people but under thir kind existence  are ruthless and cunning .

Ive has opporttunity  to deal with these kind of people in my life and its a great lesson to pass on to other people and our future generations . Most people through  their  association with you have  set immaginary and unrealistic expectations and when you fall short they label you , no matter  how noble your motives may have been ., you will not escape  being labeled as cunning and rutheless person who has made them the victim .

In the past it used to bother me a great deal , whenever  i was labelled unfavourably , now if i   were to be labelled as cununing and ruthleess , so be it .

Human being create their own reality according to individual  perceptions . . The reality never change but the perception will be altered .  One of the best way  to deal with ruthless people is if you suspect that they have no moral boundaries in accuiring thier desire – dont get involve . . When you master detachment  fro your own greed and desire you will save yourself lots of  heartache and loss .


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