Avoid People Pleasing

One of the few things to quit is people pleasing .Its an impossible feat to always  make everyone  around you happy . again most people dont know boundaries  because  of lack of manners from childhood and disicipline  from their  parents  People pleasing also tend to damage relationships because they dont want to offend their  spouse or family but make themselves extremely  unhappy .

Most  of us assume that people pleasing behaviour proves we are generous . but when you think about it always trying to please people isnt a selfless  act but self f centered  , you assume every one care about your moves – that you have the power to control  how other people feel . This is act of ego and selfishness .

It also damages relationship in a way that no respectable men wants a woman who behaves like a puppet . Most men want a women who dissagree with them or less the man himself is a puppet .

People pleasing  will ho;ld you back from reaching your potential . Its a sign of mental weakness . You can have lots of compassion for people , help them out in your own unique way but dont please them because some people will never apperciate that . They are not used to kindness and generosity  .

People pleasers want to be like – personally   i dont really care if ive been disliked by some one – you can nnot win people over all the time its a waste of time and energy but you can be a very good person . , Most people pleaser want to do that because  they think other people will feel bad , so put themselves low , by doing these you will lose the sight of your value and try to do only what make people happy . .

You cant please every one . so clarify your values and behave according to them will help you become mentally strong and contribute better to the people that deserves it . –

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