The Problem With Sense Of Entitlement

Sometimes we feel entitle  without being aware of it  especially  when things dont go our way . we live  in a world where rights and privillege often get confused , often people think they have the right to be happy or the right for this and that . even if it means they have to impose on other people to get what they want .

A feeling that the world owes you something is a sign of mental weakness . And most of this entitlement  trap uusually emerge as a kid and lead some people to their  adult life without dealing with it .An entitlement mentality prevent you from earning things based on merits you will be less likely to work hard when you are busy complaining of not getting what you want .

You will start to make un realistic  demand of other people . and this will put people off also you might lose the sight of good people in your life ., because you will be focusing on trying to take what the world  or the person  owe you .

If you are always demanding , i deserve to be pay attention to , deserve to be care for , deserve to be treat somehow then you are going to miss out on the best thing of life . When you focus on yourself , its extremelky challenging to be emphatetic  towards other people and life will be tough for you because  its a sign of mental weakness ,


The fist step is to be aware of this behaviour  , one thing i do is i pay attention  to if  im  becoming  entitle to any thing or anyone This take constant reflection of our behaviour and its important to develop sense of awareness of our sense  of entitlement and try to focus more on giving rather than taking . .



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