Luck Is A Product Of Universal Law

We can always get lucky . even a blind dog finds a truffle once in a while – as long as it keeps poking around . Ive always maintained that success is an energy game , you need energy to find luck as long as you keep searching . You hardly get lucky by sitting on your coach at home .. To have a good fortune , you have to do enough  to keep the pedlum swung in your direction .  I got lucky most times because i keep the pedlum  without thinking of what is coming around .

Ive had people commenting how lucky im to stay  slim , healthy and building my business but there are certain universal law , gravity for example works the same way every time in every situation , for every one of us , whether  we know it or not .

Ive found out that the more you  give , the more , luckier you get . – i know this because  its what i practise all the time . Sometimes i make a habit of giving my best programme  away , exercise or ideas  away that t  i should charge money for . For me , i attract luck by my abundant mindset  I believe i will always find a way .

I want you to try it for one months by giving away ,time , money , and stay open to real serenpidity and new financial  gain coming at you from the most unexpected source

Its like writting  away this article – its my way of giving back valuable ideas to the universe and this is how i get lucky .


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