Saying No To Bad Luck

Few years ago i read the law of busness by Brian Tracy – he said the harder we work the luckier we get . most people are so boring they say the same thing all the time , they wonder how come they didnt get lucky . Luck is always a product of preparation and persistence . No one sit at home and get lucky .

We all have a love affair with luck . , sometimes we chase it , sometimes it teases us . sometimes we have it for a while, Some times when we expect a kiss , it runs away in the rain leaving us scared and only .Among Tennis player , we used to say – the guy get lucky . why do they say that ? its because  people who are cursed with bad luck often lash out .

Its the people who used luck as an accusation who will never have it .  You and i will .

Luck is something that you earned and once you earned it , you will always  know how to get it back . You will learn to say know to people who want to bring you down , who try to use their own bad luck to control you because  they cant climb up to your height .

Luck is not magic , luck is equal diverstification , persistence , discipline and good habits

Coming up with thousand of ideas means having the energy and creativity to brain storm and all terms  of health depends on how much you control  your own life . . You become more creative when you are in control of your life .

When i respond to an angry comments or bad comment   then fear controls me and that brings bad luck . If i let people control me or i control them then i sacrifice my heath , then i cannot generate ideas , i cant persist so ive laerned to say no to bad luck . Inflammation  is bad luck , so is argument .

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