There s Always An Opportunity

People  think when a particular  opportnnity is lost it cannot be regained , i think thats a lie and thats why most people stop trying . , there is always money somewhere – theres is alwyas someone who will solve a problems . You remmember  during the great depression when everyone is down and out , i read a story of Loius Armstrong . some  of his companions went  back to new orleans  to raise the chickens or disappear  to into factory or famine .

He didnt do that , he took a different action , drawing  into the L A to play at a cotton club and play his saxophone while other people were complaining about the great depression . This is how i see things . instead of putting my head down and complain of whatever is in my way , i see it as an opportunity to check myself and move forward .

I know this kind if thinking is difficult because people want to play safe . they only see what will go wrong rather than opportunity . Ive always had every aspect working against  me , but i refuse to see it , i refuse to play it safe . When i started  my personal training studio busness , it was cold in my studio due to lack of money to buy the heat or do the floor but now its one of the luxurious studio in my area .

The only thing i see is an opprotunity to serve and provide what is missing in fitness  to the public . The way it will be done to make people well not in a commercial way .For me if someone like Loius Armstong at that time can rise up to the higher  level at that time then i will wake up everyday and try my best .

We can all always try . at least   at the end of the day we can say we try and its bearable and grateful . Not trying actually  make me depress .


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