A Healthy Marriage Is Built On a High Expectation

The best relationships  are the ones that have higher expectations  of each other , no one succeed alone and you need someone to support and believe  in you , its a diffrent energy entirely . Most marriage dont succeed  because un realistic expectations . One can be 100 oercent perfect – and no person cam make another person happy . If you think your spouse is perfect and can do no wrong ,its better you seek help .

The number one sign of a healthy marriage  is that spouse see other more positively than other people do . , but see each other and support realistically niot doubting each other . When a woman belief in her husband , he can move mountain   , he can go and close thata deal , he can go and talk to anyone because he has the bset support system in the world ..

It my job to bring the esteem of people around me high in a realsiutc way , build people up and they will perform wonder .

Each  of us has to be realistic    about our spouse , no body is perfect   . But if you are married and dont believe  in your spouse and support him or her 100 percent , then get some help because your relationships  could be headed  for trouble .

You are likely to be healthy and not overweight if you are in a supportive realtionships  .

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