Sleep Is Important Than Diet And Exercise

Sometimes i think  everyone know  this – this is a conversation between  me and my physical therapist 0 she said , you are suffering from imposer syndrome which mean , no not every one know or do this .One thing that sleep depreviation is connected to is weight  t gain and no amount of exercise can cure that .

People gain weight when there is imbalamce in the function of the hormones called leptin and grehin , the hormones that activate hunger .

Another way that sleep is more important is to fight disease and infections – people who sleeps up to 8 to 9 hours  can easily fight the cold off and think better

Sleep deprivation is soo powerful that it can change the DNA . – sleep is important t  to build the memory  of your muscles  when you learn new skills or new exercise  – it helps bulid the motor  skill for learning .

.One of the most important about sleep is storing information we have recentlky learned – i usually sleep more to get better memory – i also find it challenging to rngage in a conversation with someone who sleep less than 8 hours daily . The brain function will be low and their judgement will be affected .

Here are my simple techniques for better sleep – you can get the kids also involve – Eat early before  7.30 pm

Less alcohol before bed

Sleep in a total dark room – cold

Get a better matrress.

Turn off all electronic before 10 pm

Sleep naked




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