Bouncing Back From Failure Will Make You Stronger

Sometimes people are comfortable with failure in some areas of their lives but not others , Failure is really good for you when you learn  from it . A friend of mine made his first  millions at the age of 27 but lost almost half of it by age 34 , he had more stories to tell me whne playing tennis together and proudly told me that the failure in hos life has made him a better man . I could   also say the same . So we booth  have our failures in common .

One of the main  reason i love strength  training is the fact that it teaches persistence  and the art of not giving up . Most people give up so soon and settle for things they will regret in future .

one of the greatest lesson my failure taught  me is to qustions people intention around me . To make friends  with people that are good for me – Most people are not honest  so they are not good for me Its that simple .

The way you view failure should change – View failure as a learning   opportunity , if you are not used to trying again if you fail then make a habit of viewing  it as a n opportunity to learn .

Developing  a new plan to increase your chance  of success .

Whats is not helpful is  allowing failure to stop you from reaching your goals .

Here are at home bodyweight  you can do at home – Dont worry if you fail at this but keep at it you will get better

Prisoner squat x 15 reps

Off set push ups x 6 reps

Wall slide x 12 reps

Split squat x 12 reps

Spiderman climb x 6 reps

Repeat the circuit  2 times the first  time you try it and  future  you can repeat 5 times

Thanks for reading

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