Harness Your Biology To Quiet Your Fear

Fear a from of stress i the most common research  and used against people in the last decades . No matter  how courageuos  you are , you will always feel the fear . Getting over fear is not something you just says to people . In my personal l experience , the more things you overcome , the less faer you feel . .

An energy psychiatrist  taught me the way to harness more of my courage  which has been ingrained  into me as an athlete . To win  you must have fear  and you must proceed with the game so i understand this emotion  that the more  obstacles you overcome , the more fear you will feel .

Fear works against   your bilology when it becomes a habitual response to lesser , everyday conflicts . Consistensely  feeling like a deer in the headllight can make you emotionally twitchy and physically spent .

When people says dont be afraid – its a wrong things  things to say – In any case i dont equate the  absence of fear with courage . Its the byproduct of lobotomised emotions . . Without something to overcome , there is no biological push .

Here are  ways to train your brain to send  chemicals to conteract  them .

Elliminate caffeine  sugar and other stimulants or reduce comsumption  -This fuel the fight or flight  response .

Avoid  people who Re- einforce  your fear .  – they are biological irritants . Stick  close to emotional nourisher

Stay away from violent news cast , traffic jams  arguments or other stress inducers .

Take a deep breath and do 20 mins exercise daily .

This week

30 mins conditioning 65 percent to 56 heart rate





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